About elchiito.com

Est 2023

Our Story

The idea was ....

  • Free
  • Good Games
  • As less Ads as possible

not finished yet

Happy Users

Games and there will be more

Hours Gaming


Our Mission

There are so many online games Websites out there. Our Mission is to make an Website with the best Games for free. If you programmed games, we will host them and include them into our website.


All our games are open source and the source code can be found on Github

Game Console emulator

With our Game console Emulator, you can Emulate old Game consoles

Remote Desktop Access

You can access an Desktop in you browser. The Desktop is hosted in the cloud and can be deleted afer you used it. At the moment, you need to write us an email to use it.


All the services are completly free to use.

Our Team

We are the team behind elchiito.com

Developper 1


server admin, website programing, game deployment

Developper 2

PR and testing

responsible for the games and the advertising